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Brandi Mae


Gorgeous female body builder working out her big and hard muscles while wearing her erotic pink body fishnet lingerie. This woman have thick dark hair flowing down all over her shoulders, with her face covered with makeup; black eye-shadows, and bright red-lipstick. She is wearing her fishnet lingerie, pink thigh high stockings, and black stiletto. She is at the living room holding her heavy dumbbells, and working out her huge arms. She stands in front of the cream leather couch with her tits exposed along with her nipples with piercing. Lifting that right arm to flex her muscles.

Debbie Laszewski


Lovely blond female-bodybuilder flaunting her ripped and hard body while in her erotic pink lingerie and gloves, right in front of the camera and while in the living room. This woman have thick and wavy golden hair. Eyes covered with black eyeliners, and pouty lips with pink lipstick to match her outfit. She is wearing her two piece pink bikini and her matching long gloves, and high heels. She is standing right in the middle of the living room. Slowly striping off her outfit and show more of her boobs and her swollen clit. This woman have ripped arms with nice abs and thick and hard thighs.

Kathy Connnors


Big and busty mature blonde with hard and huge fit bodice, wearing her tight black corset and flaunting her muscles along with her big round tits. This woman have her hair well tied, with face well groomed, and thin lips covered with blush nail-polish that matches her well manicured finger nail covered with pink nail polish. She is wearing her white and black panties, and her tight black corset that barely contains her huge round boobs. She stands in the middle of the room, slowly pulling down her corset and about to flash her breast, squeezing them together as she teases in front of the camera.

Lisa Cross


Huge and seductive blonde body-builder chick in her erotic lingerie and slowly striping them off and flashing her goodies right in front of the camera. This lady have golden hair and it is pig-tailed, eyes covered with thick black eyeliners, and pouty lips with blush lipstick. She have huge shoulder, thick muscular arms, amazing abs, and thick thighs. She have her well manicured finger nails covered with white nail polish, and wearing her erotic black-lingerie, paired with thigh high black stockings with suspender, and transparent high heels. She takes off her bra flashing her round boobs with puffy nipples, while pulling her panties.

Megan Avalon


Gorgeous and stunning fit blonde babe in her erotic strip leotard bikini, flaunting that beautiful fit body and superb set of tits. This good looking woman have silky straight and bright gold hair, with bright beautiful green eyes, thin nose, and pouty blush lips. She is wearing her green leotard bikini, with large earrings and bracelet. She also have her well manicured finger nails covered with white french-tip nail polish. She pulls out her two big and perky breast revealing her puffy and pinkish nipples. Then then bent over on the side, showing modeling her bodice and showing the contour of her sexy fit body.

Monica Martin


Stunning brunette babe in her tight and shiny black dress, flexing her arms and showing that hard muscles and thick muscular thighs, as she flaunts and models her dress and bodice in front of the camera. This woman have brown highlights on her hair, with deep alluring eyes covered with black eyeliners. She is wearing her tight shiny dress and black high heels. She is standing in front of the that white leather chair, raising both of her arms and flexing it, while her skirt is a little up, and have her thighs open showing her crotch and her black panties.

Nikki Jackson


Lovely and stunning busty fitness brunette chick, striping her clothes off and flashing her big natural boobs and her beautiful fit and sexy body. This good looking dusky haired woman have her long straight mane flowing down all over her shoulders down on top of her breast. She is wearing her black and erotic outfit, black high heels, and gloves with her big sunglasses. This stunning brunette have fit and sexy bodice, with her top and bra taken off and fully exposing her big natural boobs and tits puffy nipples. Spreading her legs showing her crotch and then raising her sunglasses.

Tina Rock


Gorgeous and big ripped brunette working out that huge arms and her thick thigh while wearing her lingerie in front of the camera. This woman have thick and curly mane, with tan kin complexion and wearing thick makeup on her face. Her whole body is shiny and laced with oil, wearing her tight black night gown and her black thong. She is holding her dumbbells and pulling them up as she exercise her arm making them more bigger. She bent over showing the curves of her ass, and flashing her small cleavage and staring directly straight at the camera, with her seductive eyes.

Tonia Moore


Hot body builder brunette showing off her sex back and her fat ass and her ripped back. She have curly and dusky hair flowing all over her back, wearing her shiny pink bikini, and have her well manicured finger nails covered with white french-tip nail polish. Her body is all shiny and covered with oil to expose the contour of her body and her muscles. She turns her back and bent her body, and then raises her and and flexes her both arms. This woman have a thick thighs. She is in the living room in the middle of the day and flaunting that awesome figure.

Victoria Lomba


Gorgeous and busty female body builder, gets topless while working out using her blue colored dumbbells. She have her blond hair flowing down all over her shoulders, and wearing her tight yellow undergarments. She have tattoo on her left arm and on her pubic area. This woman have ripped arms and thighs, and beautiful well toned six pack abs. She takes off her top along with her bra exposing her big round boobs with puffy nipples. Ans started working out, lifting up and down her dumbbells to work her arms. Her whole body is covered with oil making it shiny and showing more of her muscles.